Microsoft Excel

Stop Excel from opening "Book1"

This #TipTuesday post is about a minor irritant which is how to stop Excel from opening a blank workbook and enable the start screen instead.

Power BI, Excel & GP - SQL sources

The fourth post in the series, showing how to connect to SQL in Power Query (Excel or PowerBI).

Power BI, Excel & GP - Data Access

The third post in the series, discussing data access considerations and options to securely handle your data in a report.

Power BI, Excel & GP - Starting from scratch

The second post of the series discussing some very simple ways to get started with Power BI or Excel and GP data utilizing items a standard user may have access to.

Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP

The first post in a series, an introduction to what I will discuss around Power BI, Excel, Power Query and Dynamics GP data.

Excel - where did my workbook go?

A #TipTuesday post about Excel and hiding workbooks.

Excel Background Refresh & Pivot Tables

A post about Excel and the Enable Background Refresh setting as it relates to Pivot Tables.

SmartList Export Options

A tip about using the Export Options feature in Dynamics GP to automate some of the Excel steps after exporting a SmartList.

How to copy budgets

A #TipTuesday post about two options for copying budgets in Dynamics GP.

Excel tip - is X in the list?

A tip in Excel for data validation where the out-of-the-box data validation may not be suitable. This example is validating using COUNTIF to validate data input.
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