SmartList & SmartList Builder

Maximum columns in a SmartList

A #TipTuesday post showing what message a user gets if they have more than 190 columns on a SmartList in Dynamics GP.

SmartList Export - Excel Content Error

How to troubleshoot issues with export errors from SmartList in Dynamics GP, such as the "Export cannot open the file" error.

SmartList Export - Excel cannot open error

This post is about troubleshooting the "Excel cannot open the file ___" error when exporting from SmartList in Dynamics GP.

SmartList Export Options

A tip about using the Export Options feature in Dynamics GP to automate some of the Excel steps after exporting a SmartList.

SmartList Tips - search

A #TipTuesday post about how to search in SmartList including using generic date filters, case sensitivity, field comparisons, and other more advanced options.

SmartList Tips - favorites

A #TipTuesday post about working with favorites in SmartList.

SmartList Tips - working with columns

This #TipTuesday post is about working with columns in SmartLists.

SmartList Tips - printing & exporting

This #TipTuesday post is about SmartList printing and exporting.

SmartList Export Oddities

This post is about an oddity in exporting SmartLists to Excel. Exporting with an Export Solution functionally appears to use the dex.ini enhanced export switch even if it's not enabled on the workstation.

SmartList Tips - the basics

This #TipTuesday post is about terminology and other introductory information about working with SmartLists.
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