Maximum columns in a SmartList

This is most likely the shortest #TipTuesday post I will ever create!

I was playing with a SmartList to prep for my upcoming series on Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP. I stumbled across something I have never seen before: I tried to add too many columns to a SmartList!

Here’s the message I received. Apparently, 189 columns is the most you can display in a SmartList (if I’m reading the message literally, it says “Please reduce the number of display columns to less than 190.”) Who knew?!

Warning message in SmartList to reduce number of columns to less than 190.

I was just goofing around with the Receivables Transactions SmartList and yes, temporarily I was trying to add ALL the available columns. For reference, I’m using Dynamics GP release 18.4.

That’s it for this tip!

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