Enabling the Canadian Payroll module

Today’s post is short-ish and sweet. In my last post, I documented where to go to get registration keys. In the last part of the post, I had added a note that was specific to Canadian Payroll and today learned that it no longer applies, at least not for recent versions of Dynamics GP. I have edited that part of the post now…

This post is a very brief overview of the 2 things that need to be done in a company in Dynamics GP where you want to use the Canadian Payroll module. At some point I may start a series on more topics around Canadian Payroll but for today, it’s just two things you may want to know that aren’t necessarily obvious or well documented. Please note: this is specific to Dynamics GP, this is not a general “payroll in Canada” post!

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Where can I find my registration keys on CustomerSource?

This is a short post. I went looking for a customer’s registration keys and could not remember how to get to them now that the old CustomerSource links are dead and buried.

So… future “me”, this is your reminder! And for those who stumble across this, you’re welcome, I hope the info stays “correct” for the next few years so I don’t have to look for this again!

NOTE: I am not covering what to do if you cannot log in, that is outside of the expertise I can provide! If in doubt, contact your partner, and ask them to set you up as a professional under your account so you can log in.

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Canadian Payroll 2021 Year End Update

In all the 2020 excitement, I realized I never posted about the 2020 Year End update. I think 2020 for me was all about getting through day to day things and I just forgot about this. Anyway, I’m back to blogging semi-regularly again and it’s that time of year again.

The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) released their T4127 guide for January 1, 2022 very late this year (December 14th). Typically Microsoft (& other software vendors) get in late November to allow them adequate time to update their software for the new year tax changes.

Update 3: December 22, 2021 – The CanPay update is ready. See below.

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ROE issue in Canadian Payroll

This post is about an issue that I found when testing the ROE (Record of Employment) functionality for a client in Dynamics GP. (Since “ROE” is a generic term, this post is specifically about a bug in the Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll module). I opened a case for it and it was quickly confirmed and written up as a quality issue (#91928 in case you need to add yourself or your customer to the list of affected clients).

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Cdn Payroll Basic Personal Amount calculator

If you are reading this and a user of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Canadian Payroll, you’ll likely have already read my previous post where I’ve indicated that the Canadian Payroll module will not automatically calculate the Basic Personal Amount (Federal) for you.

If you are reading this and are not a user of Dynamics GP: don’t worry. The information in this post is generic and should be able to be used to calculate the Federal BPA for employees regardless of the payroll software you are using.

In this post, I’m simply going to outline a way to do the calculation and have included a spreadsheet for you to download if you want a quick starting point to manually determine what an employee’s Basic Personal Amount (Federal) should be, when they fall in the income range of $150,473 to $214,368.

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Canadian Payroll 2019 YE Update Round 2

Microsoft released a “Round 2” update for Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP. What is a round 2 update? It’s a change that wasn’t in the first update in December! Typically we don’t see this in Canadian Payroll but the CRA made a relatively last minute change to the federal basic personal amount (BPA for short) that necessitated an update. As it turns out, the update does not address that change from the CRA but it does fix 3 other bugs.

Here’s what you need to know and do if you are a Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll user.

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No Canadian Payroll 2019 Mid-Year Tax Update!

There’s no #TipTuesday today since I had website issues over the weekend and was unable to access it to prepare something. So, this will be a form of a tip in lieu of another topic!

There will be no mid-year tax update for Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP this year, zippo, nada, zilch! Imagine that, not a single jurisdiction has a tax change this mid-year. That’s got to be a first!

So, enjoy your July 1st without a tax change!

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