Canadian Payroll

How to add the Employer Address to T4 Forms

This post is about how to add the Employer's address to the T4 reports in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll.

How YTD CPP & EI factor into Tax calcs

This post is about troubleshooting tax calculations in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, and how Year-to-Date CPP and EI factor into the calculations.

Cdn Payroll - Things that make you go hmm

A post about a strange finding in Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP where the batch ID can only be 9 characters but if the batch is created from Quick Transaction Entry, it allows a longer batch ID than 9 characters.

Update on Account Number error in Canadian Payroll

This post is a follow-up about an account number not existing error in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll.

Canadian Payroll & US Payroll in the same environment

This post is about Dynamics GP and the Canadian Payroll module and whether Canadian Payroll and US Payroll can be used in the same environment.

Canadian Payroll - Transmission Header Incorrect Length error

This post is about an error in Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP where the user receives an error message "There is an error in the Transmission Header - Incorrect Length".

Some Canadian Payroll & Project Accounting gotchas!

This post is about a couple of "gotchas" with Canadian Payroll and Project Accounting in Dynamics GP. One is about the "Batch level errors exist" error, and one is about the Employed By setting in Project settings on an employee card.

Canadian Payroll issues and fixes

This post is for Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP and covers two issues: "The batch is currently in use" and "There is an error in the Transmission Header - Incorrect Length".

Canadian Payroll - some ROE fields demystified

This post is about Canadian Payroll in the context of Dynamics GP and how the ROE fields are populated.
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