Lessons learned from not trusting my gut

A post about the various lessons I have learned (yet again) after underestimating some projects, and what I want to avoid the next time.

2022 Year in review

A review of 2022 including ditching FaceBook and Twitter/X, moving to Mastodon, and still trying to “find” the person I was a few years ago.

2021 year in review

My year in review post for 2021.

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2021

My top blog posts from 2021 and how they compared to 2019’s top 10 (since I missed doing this for 2020).

New Year's Resolutions 2021

New year's resolutions for 2021 and a look back at 2020.

Thunderbolt dock problem? Try this.

This post describes issues I had with my Thunderbolt dock where various ports were not working (Ethernet, Audio, USB) and how I resolved it.

Owning up to your mistakes

This post is about a learning lesson where I made a mistake testing email, and how I dealt with that mistake.

New Year's Resolutions 2020

A look back at 2019 and forward to what 2020 might bring.

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019

A look at my top 10 blog posts from 2019 compared to where those same posts hit in 2018.

Changing Password Managers

This post is my experience with changing Password Managers from LastPass to 1Password.
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