Launching GP with alternate Dynamics.set file

Today’s #TipTuesday post is one for those who modify reports in Report Writer (mostly) or anyone who has an alternate Dynamics.set file they wish to launch in their Dynamics GP environment.

A quick review of the terms here: the Dynamics.set file is a launch file that displays the # of products/dictionaries installed on a given workstation, the list of products (product # followed by product name) and then the pathnames to the Code, Forms and Reports respectively for each of those dictionaries, in that order. Back in 2010, I wrote a series about Report Writer and the first post was some detail around the Dynamics.set, how to read it, etc.

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Unassigned Security Report & Superuser roles

This wasn’t going to be a “Tip” post but it’s Monday night as I write this, so it’s now becoming this week’s #TipTuesday. Funny how deadlines work! 🙂

Late last week, I was working on some upgrade tasks as my firm is going through an upgrade from Dynamics GP 2013 to GP 2016. One of the tasks on my checklist was to review the Unassigned Security Report for new features and update security roles as needed. However, I ran into an issue.

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Mystery Window! Export Data (Solved!)

This is a short post and a weird one! Tonight I was setting up my sample data to test some scenarios for a blog I’m working on. Earlier this week, I came across a situation with the Unassigned Security Report in Dynamics GP and I wanted to write a blog about that. Stay tuned for that!

Cue the testing. As with many blogs I write, there is an element of testing and setting up scenarios to get the facts correct, get the necessary screenshots and generally ensure I’m not missing something when I write. Tonight was no different.

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Forcing a SQL login in Web Client

Here’s my next #TipTuesday post, which is somewhat of a follow up on another post a few days ago about Web Client & Account Level Security. In that article, I described a couple of bugs that are really authentication related that prevent using Account Level Security (ALS) in the Web Client. That bug is predicated on one assumption: that you’re using the default Windows authentication to log into Web Client.

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Web Client & Account Level Security

So, I learned some interesting and unfortunate news today. You see, I’ve been troubleshooting an odd issue with the GP 2016 Web Client. We’re in the early stages of upgrading from Dynamics GP 2013 to GP 2016. The news? The GP Web Client doesn’t play nicely if Account Level Security is enabled in a given company.

What’s somewhat fascinating to me is no one I’ve talked to has ever heard of this yet we are on the 4th version of the web client with GP 2018! I guess that tells me that Account Level Security is not widely adopted by clients using Web Client.

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Upgrade your company names!

Today’s #TipTuesday post is a play on words, an upgrade tip. If you are upgrading Dynamics GP, during your test upgrade phase, consider renaming (slightly) your company names in your test environment.


Every single report you print from Dynamics GP will (by default, at least) have the company name print on it. The vast majority of reports will look identical to your pre-upgrade environment, most times at least. That means you can’t tell the reports apart after you print them out.

So… my tip is to rename my companies. This saves me handwriting on every single report printout which environment I printed this from! Easy peasy!

This screenshot is an example from my current company’s upgrade. We are upgrading on 2 new servers which will be a new production server and a new test server. So, on the ‘future’ production server, all of my companies are renamed with an abbreviated name + “Upgrade P” for production and “Upgrade D” for dev environment.

Reset Home Page

Today’s the next instalment in my #TipTuesday series. This tip is about the home page in Dynamics GP.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was trying to think of what I was going to write about for today’s post and a user had an issue with their home page. It was stuck. They couldn’t add or change the panes in it anymore, and the one pane that was visible was maximized without the little icon to shrink it back to normal size. I’ve seen this at other clients too from time to time and have no idea what causes this, but it’s random and annoying!

Here are a couple of ways to fix this issue.

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Unnecessary restrictions in report options window

Today’s #TipTuesday post is about Dynamics GP Report Options windows. In most reports in Dynamics GP, there are options windows for handling parameters for reports, whether that be inputting a range of customers, GL accounts, vendors, transaction references etc.

Over the years, I have repeatedly seen examples where customers have put in restrictions that are redundant: an “A to Z” type of restriction. My guess is the user thinks they *have* to put a restriction of some sort in the window for the report to work. However, it doesn’t work that way…

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