Dynamics GP

GP Upgrades - know your environment part 2

This is post 4 in the series covering Dynamics GP upgrades, and a continuation of the sub-series on knowing your environment. This post covers ISV products.

GP Upgrades - know your environment

The 3rd post in the GP Upgrades series, and the first in a sub-series about knowing your environment. This post focuses on what is meant by "environment" before the next posts get into more details.

GP Upgrades - process overview

This post discusses what Dynamics GP upgrades look like, as an overview of the processes that typically occur.

GP Upgrade Tips series intro

This is the first post in a series about Dynamics GP upgrades. In this post, I discuss the importance of starting with a test upgrade.

Issues with Word Templates

A post about recent issues with Word Templates in Dynamics GP due to changes in Microsoft Office.

Testing email functionality

This is a #TipTuesday post about what to consider when testing email functionality in Dynamics GP, to avoid a dreaded scenario where some test documents accidentally get emailed to a real customer, vendor, or employee.

Checklinks "the keys record has been removed"

A #TipTuesday post about Checklinks in Dynamics GP and the "the keys record has been removed" message.

How to copy budgets

A #TipTuesday post about two options for copying budgets in Dynamics GP.

GP "Next" aka what's in a name?

This post is about the announcement that Dynamics GP will no longer have year numbers in the names. I write about that and my thoughts about why that's a good thing.

Show Required Fields

This #TipTuesday post is about the Required Fields settings in User Preferences and why users should change the default settings.
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