Microsoft Office

Dynamics GP Email - Login Failed error

Troubleshooting the error “Login Failed: check your login information and try again”, for the Exchange Log On prompt in Dynamics GP.

Remove all notes in PowerPoint

This post contains a tip about how to remove all notes from PowerPoint slides instead of removing them one at a time.

Issues with Word Templates

A post about recent issues with Word Templates in Dynamics GP due to changes in Microsoft Office.

Excel - where did my workbook go?

A #TipTuesday post about Excel and hiding workbooks.

Excel Background Refresh & Pivot Tables

A post about Excel and the Enable Background Refresh setting as it relates to Pivot Tables.

Excel tip - is X in the list?

A tip in Excel for data validation where the out-of-the-box data validation may not be suitable. This example is validating using COUNTIF to validate data input.

Excel Navigation tips

This #TipTuesday post is tips for Excel users around navigating within the application.

Excel's hidden gem - IFERROR

This #TipTuesday post explains the fantastic formula IFERROR and how it can help return meaningful data to users.

Excel VLOOKUP - numbers as text & vice versa

This #TipTuesday is about looking up numbers in text and text in numbers when the data types are not matching.

Excel tip - "corner" copy

This #TipTuesday post is about one of my favourite shortcuts in Excel: "Corner Copy".
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