Remove all notes in PowerPoint

WOW, it’s been *some time* since I last blogged. I’m alive and well and finally getting back to the right mindset to get back into this. Stay tuned!

This is a super easy tip that I learned today. I also learned I’m a super lazy PowerPoint creator. I create PowerPoint presentations by copying the last presentation I did and duplicating a bunch of slides that have the layout I like. 40 slides in, I realize every darn slide has the same Presenter’s Notes in it. DOH!

How to quickly remove all notes

If you create PowerPoint presentations like I do, you may find this to be a handy tip!

Step 1 - Save a copy

Always make a backup of your presentation in case something goes off the rails for you here! (aka I don’t want to get an angry comment that I broke their presentation!).

Step 2 - Inspect your document

Go to File > Info. Then click on Check for Issues > Inspect Document.

Screenshot of Info page in PowerPoint, with Check for Issues expanded to show the submenu.

Step 3 - Document Inspector

Document Inspector will open and there are a bunch of options to review. I left them all marked as-is. Make sure Presentation Notes is marked, it’s the last option (on my install). It was marked by default in my install of PowerPoint.

Screenshot of Document Inspector window in PowerPoint, with Presentation Notes highlighted and enabled.

Step 4 - Review the results

After the “inspection”, it will return all the things it found that the inspector was checking for. Beside some of the items there will be a Remove All button.

Review what you wish of the info earlier in the list, but for notes, scroll to the bottom and you can mark Remove All under “Presentation Notes”.

Screenshot of Document Inspector (results) showing an option for Remove All under Presentation Notes.

That’s it, that’s all. All of my lazy-copied-slide-previous-presentation-notes are gone!

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