Where can I find my registration keys on CustomerSource?

This is a short post. I went looking for a customer’s registration keys and could not remember how to get to them now that the old CustomerSource links are dead and buried.

So… future “me”, this is your reminder! And for those who stumble across this, you’re welcome, I hope the info stays “correct” for the next few years so I don’t have to look for this again!

NOTE: I am not covering what to do if you cannot log in, that is outside of the expertise I can provide! If in doubt, contact your partner, and ask them to set you up as a professional under your account so you can log in.

CustomerSource website

The link to bookmark is this: https://mbs2.microsoft.com/CustomerSourceApp/myprofile/default.aspx. Once you are logged in there, assuming you are set up in your organization’s account, this is what you should see.

From the screenshot/page above, click on Product & Services Summary, then click on Registration Keys beside the product that you are trying to review/get. It should have your company name at the top (blurred out on my screenshot) and the product name(s) you are registered for, kind of like this:

From the Registration Keys window, click on the drop down list for “Request and Display License Keys for Version:” and then click the Display License Keys button. It might look like this after you click on that button. In this screenshot I’m only showing part of the page though, I would have to scroll further down to get the keys for the various products.

Canadian Payroll specific-note

(EDITED) I have removed the CanPay specific note as I learned after writing this that the reg keys for that module are no longer needed/verified. More info is on a newer post here (“next post” in my timeline if you’re reading this sequentially).


That’s it for this post. There are some things you can see in this CustomerSourceApp URL but not much. Downloads and Knowledgebase were moved out a long time ago but some basic partner info, key contacts for the customer, product list and modules are about it.

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