Keeping up with the MVP firehose

This post is generically about the MVP Award program and how I manage my contribution tracking and the volume of emails that we receive.

New Year's Resolutions 2019

My annual new year’s resolutions post.

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2018

I took a look at last year's top 10 list and 4 "new" posts made it to the top 10 with the oldest post being from August 2011. This year, 7 posts made the list from 2018, and 3 repeats. It's always interesting what

Connecting a 2nd PC as a second monitor

This #TipTuesday post is an off-topic post on how to connect a second PC as a second monitor in a pinch.

Surface Go - First Impressions

This post is about my first impressions with my new Microsoft Surface Go laptop.

Duplicate payments & internal controls

This is a post about a situation discussed on Twitter around payments by credit card and then the invoice being also processed by A/P resulting in an duplicate payment to a vendor.

Remote Desktop & Multiple Monitors

This #TipTuesday is about Remote Desktop Connection and using multiple monitors.

MVP emails gone mad!

This post is about the "firehose" of emails MVPs get, and how I have attempted to keep up.

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017

A look back at my top blog posts from 2017.

Curious about presenting?

In this post, I am providing some insight into where a person could start if they wanted to get into presenting.
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