Remote Desktop & Multiple Monitors

Today’s #TipTuesday has nothing to do with Dynamics GP. I was working from home the other day and was connecting to the office via Remote Desktop Services. I have a small tip to share with those of you that do the same and have multiple monitors at home.

Remote Desktop Connection options

If you use Remote Desktop Connection, this is a setting you may have never noticed. Before you click on Connect after typing in the computer name, click on the Show Options drop down arrow. This enlarges the window to show the tabs with more options.

On the Display tab, there is a checkbox “Use all my monitors for the remote session”. Ticking this box and then connecting to your remote computer will then allow you to use multiple monitors for your remote desktop session.

I love this feature! If I am at the office, I have 2 monitors. If I’m not at the office, I can still use both of my monitors I have at home, and work exactly like I do when I’m at the office. Win-win!

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