Navigation Pane Options

This week’s #TipTuesday is about the navigation pane and some very brief tips on personalizing what you see.

How to customize it

By default, the navigation pane will show 4-5 panes, as pictured below. Depending on what you have installed in your environment, there may be more “panes” you have as icons below that.

If you’re like me, I would rather see the full name vs. icons so I “stretch” my pane to full height so that all panes I want to see are visible. The key here is “all the panes I *want* to see”.

To edit that, click on the tiny drop down list at the bottom of the navigation pane, and then select Navigation Pane Options from the pop-up menu.

In the next window, Navigation Pane Options, a user is able to hide/show and re-arrange the navigation panes. What you see in this screen shot is the default Dynamics GP installation plus HR/Canadian Payroll, Project Accounting and Professional Services Tools Library.

At work, we use Key2Act Job Cost and GP Power Tools, so there are navigation pane options for those products as well (not pictured, as this is taken from a demo environment at home).

Long story short: uncheck the options that you don’t need or care to see in your Navigation Pane and re-arrange the order as you see fit. Personally, I like having Administration close to the top as I’m there frequently.

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