I took a look at last year's top 10 list and 4 "new" posts made it to the top 10 with the oldest post being from August 2011. This year, 7 posts made the list from 2018, and 3 repeats.

It's always interesting what topics or posts have staying power or something relevant to today's searches! I guess it's safe to say that users continue to have issues restoring GP from time to time (my #1 post year after year), FRx will never die (always in the top 3 year after year) and ROE field information is universally sought after!

Here are the top 10 posts from 2018:

  1. Restore Issue on GP 2015 drove me nuts! (August 2015, last year rank #1)
  2. Tips for dates in Dynamics GP (January 2018)
  3. Canadian Payroll some ROE fields demystified (August 2011, last year rank #2)
  4. Write off small customer balances (January 2018)
  5. Microsoft Treehouses (March 2018)
  6. Upload pending issue in Excel with OneDrive (May 2018)
  7. GP 2018 R2 Intelligent Cloud (October 2018)
  8. FRx with Dynamics GP 2015 (April 2015, last year rank #4)
  9. Big news, I've changed jobs! (Link removed, content no longer relevant!) (January 2018)
  10. GP Tech 2018 Day 1+ (August 2018)