Microsoft Treehouses!

Did you know that Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington campus has 3 treehouses as"outdoor meeting spaces"? They are wired for power and WiFi and per this article on Microsoft’s own blog, they are “part of a larger new system of technology-enabled outdoor districts”.

I saw a tweet from another Microsoft MVP Summit attendee this week sharing pictures about it and I got a chance to tour them myself. I had no idea they existed!

The treehouses were built last summer (2017) and all of the articles I can find on the subject indicate to me they were ready for use sometime in October 2017. For anyone reading this who is in the area, they are behind Building 31 on the Redmond campus.

It was quite neat to tour them. On a warmer day, I would have totally sat there for a while and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I went with fellow #MSDYNGP MVP Shawn Dorward and we were lucky with our timing that some other Microsoft employees (who don’t usually work at the Redmond campus) let us in. Two of the three buildings that had interior meeting space were locked unless you had a Microsoft pass to get in. To protect their identities, in case they weren’t supposed to let us in, let’s just say they work on the Notepad* team. (Inside joke moment for Belinda: hahaha…)

*they don’t really work on the Notepad team.

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