Hey, will you look at that? The community has been begging for updated documentation for Dynamics GP for a while now and who gets some love first? Canada! Woot! Woot! Ya, baby…

The Good News

Isaac Olson wrote on the official GP Support blog that there is updated documentation on the import and export functions in Canadian Payroll.

That's great to hear. I don't know *how* out of date it is as it has worked recently for me in some GP 2013 R2 imports I worked on with a client, but I haven't played with it for a long time, and therefore not on a more recent GP release.

The Bad News (Updated Feb 2/18)

The link in the blog is a download without a file extension, simply called "Canadian"! It is a Microsoft Word document, and the file extension should be .docx. If anyone else has the same issue I have with the download, add .docx to the filename and it will open in Microsoft Word as expected.