This post is for Dynamics GP sites with Canadian Payroll about a Year-End hotfix just released to address some issues. The hotfix addresses more than just Canadian Payroll issues; these early-year hotfixes are typically when Microsoft cleans up all issues reported from the US Payroll Year End and Canadian Payroll Year End patch releases.

January 24, 2024 - the hotfix has been released. Some items below have been updated.

Microsoft Community post (source of truth!)

This is the post from Terry Heley on January 24, 2024, with the link and more details for what is fixed outside of Canadian Payroll (the specific thing I've noted in this blog).

Download link:

  • The GP version will increment to 18.06.1728 after this hotfix is installed.
  • The CPY version will increment to 18.06.1734 after this hotfix is installed.

Key items for Canadian Payroll users

T4 XML file has an incorrect tag

The one that will affect the most sites is this: there is an incorrect tag in the T4 XML file produced for 2023 out of GP Canadian Payroll.

This can be resolved without the hotfix in Notepad if T4s need to be filed before the hotfix can be installed. See the next two lines for what to search for and replace in the file.
  1. FIND: "empr_dntl_ben_rep_cd"
  2. REPLACE WITH: "empr_dntl_ben_rpt_cd"

CIBC Bank File format is getting rejected

There is an issue with the CIBC bank file format which is causing rejections by the bank (direct deposit file). From what I understand, this has been an issue for a while but was not reported until recently, so Microsoft was unaware of it! Go figure.

French-Canada windows are misaligned

There are some layout issues on the windows with new CPP2 and QPP2 fields that need to be resolved.

Age Limit Changes for QPP for 2024

There are changes relating to QPP age limits for 2024 that are needed.

Minor Tax Calculation tweaks

A new addition to the fix list is there were some provinces where tax calculations may have been off by $1 - $2 once total compensation is greater than $50,000 year-to-date. However, this specific issue only seems to affect the Alberta, Manitoba and BC jurisdictions.