SmartList & SmartList Builder

SmartList stuck on My Reports pane

This #TipTuesday post is about using SQL to fix an issue with the My Reports page in Dynamics GP showing a SmartList favorite that is no longer there.

Originating fields in SmartList

This #TipTuesday is about the "Originating" fields in GL SmartLists and what they contain.

When did that GL Account get added?

This #TipTuesday is a post about reminders in SmartLists to help monitor certain situations.

SmartList Options

This #TipTuesday is about the SmartList Options window and some of the useful things you can do in it.

Sample SQL Views for Smartlists

This #TipTuesday post is about the sample SQL views available for Dynamics GP, to use in SmartLists.

Poor man's dashboard?

This post is an example of a simple summary SmartList that can be built to show some metrics around Accounts Payable or Receivable.

Don't forget about your reminders!

This post is about SmartList favorites and reminders based on favorites, using the context of a client scenario where some information was not set up on a new vendor.

Quick Tip - SmartList Builder & Account Numbers

This post is about how to use the SmartList Builder Field Options to display the GL Account Number instead of the Account Index for any field in any table instead of linking to the Account Index Master table.
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