Microsoft Excel

Excel Navigation tips

This #TipTuesday post is tips for Excel users around navigating within the application.

Excel's hidden gem - IFERROR

This #TipTuesday post explains the fantastic formula IFERROR and how it can help return meaningful data to users.

Excel VLOOKUP - numbers as text & vice versa

This #TipTuesday is about looking up numbers in text and text in numbers when the data types are not matching.

Excel tip - "corner" copy

This #TipTuesday post is about one of my favourite shortcuts in Excel: "Corner Copy".

Excel Paste Special - Operations

This #TipTuesday post is how to Paste Special with a multiply or divide operation to quickly change the sign on a set of data.

Excel tip - copy & paste unique values

This #TipTuesday is for Excel users, and it is a tip about how to copy and paste only the unique values from a list.

Flash Fill in Excel

This #TipTuesday is about the Flash Fill feature in Microsoft Excel, and how to use it.

Upload Pending issue in Excel with OneDrive

This post is about the annoying "upload pending" issue in Excel with OneDrive.

Cool Excel Tip - dates without holidays included

This is an Excel tip about the WORKDAY function which has an attribute for comparing dates against a holiday list to increment dates based on what defines a business/work day in a given organization.
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