Some things irritate me that really shouldn't, and this is one of them. I often use computers provided by my clients instead of my own if I remotely access their environment or at their office. That means things I have streamlined on my computer are not present, and typically, I have forgotten all about it by the time I get to a client and am using an out-of-the-box install of something.

This #TipTuesday post is a minor irritant in the grand scheme of things, but one I wanted to share for those who may not know how to fix it.

The Issue (a blank workbook)

Sometimes launching Excel via the application icon (vs. opening a specific workbook) will open Book1 by default, a blank spreadsheet.

A blank workbook in Excel is pictured, with an arrow showing the filename is Book1.
"Book1", a blank workbook in Excel.

I then go and open a recently used file and when I'm done, I close the file I'm working on and Excel prompts me to save Book1.

A prompt "Save your changes to this file?" for Book1, which is empty.
An Excel prompt to save changes to the file "Book1".

The Resolution (enable show Start Screen)

The fix for this is go to into Options. Under General, the first category under Options, scroll down to the section named "Start up options", and enable the option "Show the Start screen when this application starts". Click OK to save the change.

Excel Options window, under General options, shows the "Show the Start screen when this application starts" option is now selected.
Excel Options shows the "Show the Start screen when this application starts" option is now selected.

After I close Excel and re-launch it, I will now be prompted with the Start screen where I would typically want to work from. The Start screen shows all my recently used workbooks and (for me) is preferable to closing and not saving a blank workbook every time I use Excel.

The Excel start screen shows a section for New, Recommended for You, and Recent items list, with the contents blurred.
Excel start screen

That's it for this tip. Hopefully someone finds it useful!