Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019

This is a look back at what posts had the most views during 2019. I believe it’s the 3rd year I’ve done this and it is always interesting what old posts continue to be relevant (or at least “hit” via search). The first year I did this, only 4 posts from that year made the top 10, and last year 7 of my 2018 posts hit the top 10. This year 6 posts from 2019 made the top 10… and once again, a post from 2011 made the list.

Here are my top 10 blog posts from 2019 and where they ranked last year, if they are from prior years:

  1. [Changing Password Managers]/2019/02/changing-password-managers/) (Feb 2019) - this has 2x the views of any other post but that is mostly due to what I call the Troy Hunt effect. He retweeted my post and I had my 15 minutes of fame. :)
  2. Restore Issue on GP 2015 (Aug 2015 - #1 the last 2 years)
  3. Dynamics GP & Office 365 (June 2019)
  4. What the MVP NDA means to me (March 2018 - unranked last year)
  5. Canadian Payroll ROE Fields demystified (Aug 2011 - #3 last year)
  6. SmartList Options (Feb 2019)
  7. GP Next aka What’s in a Name (Sept 2019)
  8. SSRS 2016 Report Builder Permissions (July 2018 - unranked last year)
  9. Additional Menu in GP windows (Feb 2019)
  10. When did the G/L Account get added? (Feb 2019)
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