Dynamics GP Email - Login Failed error

Troubleshooting the error “Login Failed: check your login information and try again”, for the Exchange Log On prompt in Dynamics GP.

Enabling the Canadian Payroll module

Guidance for enabling the Canadian Payroll module in Dynamics GP and creating the “CPY” source document type.

Where can I find my registration keys on CustomerSource?

How to access CustomerSource to get registration keys for Dynamics GP.

Power BI, Excel & GP - SQL sources

The fourth post in the series, showing how to connect to SQL in Power Query (Excel or PowerBI).

Power BI, Excel & GP - Data Access

The third post in the series, discussing data access considerations and options to securely handle your data in a report.

Power BI, Excel & GP - Starting from scratch

The second post of the series discussing some very simple ways to get started with Power BI or Excel and GP data utilizing items a standard user may have access to.

Maximum columns in a SmartList

A #TipTuesday post showing what message a user gets if they have more than 190 columns on a SmartList in Dynamics GP.

Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP

The first post in a series, an introduction to what I will discuss around Power BI, Excel, Power Query and Dynamics GP data.

2021 year in review

My year in review post for 2021.

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2021

My top blog posts from 2021 and how they compared to 2019’s top 10 (since I missed doing this for 2020).
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