This post is about module 3 in the Cloud Skills challenge.

Microsoft Learn Module 3

Working with Delta Lake tables in Microsoft Fabric

    • This module is about the Delta Lake storage format in lakehouses, creating and working with delta tables in Spark. The exercise in this module has you working with notebooks again, some Python, some Spark SQL.

I caught this session "live" again, in the Pacific time zone time slot, presented by Microsoft MVPs Stephanie Bruno and Mariano Kovo.

Key Takeaways

One of the best things in this session was a link to “Fabric Notes”, some hand-drawn-like depictions of various concepts in Microsoft Fabric. They really help illustrate some concepts in a more visual way.

Otherwise, the concepts in this session were a lot more familiar to me as it is similar to SQL Server in many ways, or at least it is in my head! I liked how some ways to create tables were simple (right click on a csv file in the Lakehouse and choose Create Table), and then there are options like we saw in session 2 with saving a dataframe to a table in a notebook, and the one that most resonates with me is the Spark SQL option which is much more familiar to me, therefore easier to learn.

Overall, this session was more understandable to me than the day prior, but I still want to learn more about Spark, Python, and Notebooks etc.