[UPDATED February 15, 2024 - it won’t quite work how I initially described it.]

Since moving my blog onto the Ghost platform - which I absolutely love by the way! - I've been learning about some of the new features it has that I didn't have in my previous iterations of this blog. One big one is built-in functionality around newsletters, which in my case I'm using to "notify" subscribers about new posts.

Ghost allows for free and paid tiers for content but having a paywall for content does not feel right to me. Some day, I may get into paid options for deeper content, but not at this time. However, what I can do now is I can offer up to 3 different newsletters, which I have now enabled.

My typical content

Realistically, I typically cover 3 fairly broad and distinct topics in my blog, and it's fair to say not everyone is interested in all topics. However, at the present time, each post can only be sent to one newsletter (one set of subscribers), so I am editing this post to change what was originally written. UGH.

Now those who want to follow via a subscription (at no cost, it just happens to be called a "subscription"), can choose what content they are interested in getting notifications about, by selecting one or more topics. Unfortunately the “Miscellaneous” newsletter is going to be potentially a weird mix of topics as it will be where I post personal, off-topic articles and anything that isn’t specific to GP or Data/Power BI.

3 newsletter options - GP blogs, Data/Power BI. Blogs, Catch-all (anything else)
Newsletter options

Newsletter options

In the screenshot above, there are 3 newsletter choices now, and that screen is what new users see when signing up. I can only post an article to one newsletter.

  1. Dynamics GP articles which will be anything I publish that ties into Dynamics GP, or ERP related discussions and processes.
  2. Power BI & Data-related articles will be for articles I publish like the current Microsoft Fabric cloud skills challenge series. Anything that ties to data somehow, including Power BI, Power Query, Excel, SQL, Microsoft Fabric etc., will be sent to subscribers in this list.
  3. Catch-all will be for articles that don’t fall into one of the two above categories. It could be personal articles, news of a general nature, topics around Microsoft Office, anything.

The biggest change to this page since I originally published it is I found out I cannot publish the same article to two newsletters at the same time, so there is no more “all” plus topic-specific option.