Today was a good day. It is Canada Day, which is a national holiday, and already a great day for us Canucks, but July 1st is also MVP renewal day for close to 3,000 Microsoft MVPs worldwide. I'm pleased to share that I was awarded for the 4th time today, within the Business Applications category (where Dynamics GP resides).

Email screenshot for the 2020-2021 MVP award notification.

Dynamics GP MVP count stays intact

While the program does not recognize or reward at a specific product level any longer, within the Business Applications award category, there are only 6 of us who are contributing in some way to or around the Dynamics GP product line. While that's a small number, we are "mighty" in our sense of community spirit around Dynamics GP. Almost all of us are branching out in different product lines though, whether that be Dynamics 365 BC (Business Central), Power Platform, Power BI or other technologies.

This is the first year since I've been an MVP where our numbers didn't drop further, which I'm happy to see.

What's next?

Last year I wrote about Imposter Syndrome and I will continue to say it's still there at times. Another year has gone by and I feel more comfortable in my "role", which is to say I have been recognized for this award for the last couple of years based on doing what I feel most comfortable doing: blogging. I no longer feel an internal pressure to present as I did originally as if there was an expectation to maintain. I am also more at peace with the fact this is temporary and I may not receive another award, and that is just fine. I will keep doing what I love which is sharing information in written form, and on the odd occasion I will be presenting live or online for something that fits in my wheelhouse. If that's enough to continue getting awarded, great. If not, no big deal. The recognition is not why I do this, it is just a bonus at the end of the day.