reImagine 2016 - Recap

Travel update: made it home safely. Flight delay again leaving Fargo, no delay on MSP flight to Toronto, fairly straight forward 1.25 hour drive home from YYZ. Odd drive home in that I passed a tractor-trailer on fire (still driving) with a fire engine truck following it, going the other way on Hwy 401 and then as I was around the corner from home, there was a house fire. Two things you don’t see every day, in the same day. One more thing before I get to the recap: those of you who follow Tim Wappat’s blog , go and wish him a very happy birthday! :)

With that, here’s the recap of my blogs from this year’s reImagine conference!

Ian Grieve, MVP from the UK, has posted several blogs as well, and the index to his posts is here, listing all of the individual ones. Side note: he’s up to 15 posts so set aside some quality time to read through them all! He’s stuck in an airport as I write this recap, so he’s probably good for another 10 or so before his flight leaves. ;)

David Musgrave and Mariano Gomez are hoping to post some blogs too but as of writing this, they haven’t yet posted them so stay tuned!

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