reImagine 2016 - Pre-Conference Training Day

So, yesterday came and went without me seeing anyone I knew that’s here for the conference. I did have a fellow GP Canadian come over and introduce himself when I was at Buffalo Wild Wings. Paul Johnson, from Winnipeg, follows me on Twitter and recognized me from my profile pic. We grabbed a drink and got to know each other and talk about the conference and general life in GP land. I went to bed early, and my UP band said I walked over 21,000 steps, which explained why my feet were tired! I slept like a baby and was nice and refreshed for a day of training.

I didn’t sign up for training this year but was asked by Belinda Allen if I minded sitting in on her Power BI training to be a helper, which was a no brainer. I was able to sit in on the training and helping some of the people in the class when they got stuck or behind in some of the demos, allowing Belinda to continue with the agenda. It worked out very well as I still came out learning more than I did when the day started! I also learned she has a new blog where she’ll put her BI-related content. Check it out

Today was arrival day for most of the conference folks, so throughout the day and on various breaks I ran into many familiar faces and had a chance to meet Ian Grieve, a GP MVP from the UK. It was his first time at one of these conferences so he hadn’t yet met his fellow MVPs face to face or other users like myself who interact with him on Twitter.

There was an evening mingle/reception where the registration area was and everyone appeared to be having a good time socializing! After that, I was invited to what is now an annual Indian dinner at a restaurant nearby. It was a beautiful evening so I walked to and from the restaurant, to stretch my legs and get a little fresh air.

It’s another early night to bed, as tomorrow will be a full day!

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