reImagine 2016 - Day 2, Part 2

This is the continuation of the part 1 post for Day 2.

Session 4 - Clean up your system - Leslie Vail

This was a very entertaining session as Leslie has us in stitches with various slides and comments about data and subpoenas and Arthur Anderson etc.  I don’t have significant notes on this one but the gist of the session was talking through what is deletable/archivable and how to do that within Dynamics GP. She also did a demo of the Company Data Archive product from Professional Advantage, and how it could save you time and archive your data to a separate archive company eliminating the need to careful remove old data without affecting other parts of GP.

Downtown Experience and Keynote at Fargo Theatre

I arrived via the shuttle bus to the Fargo Theatre about an hour before the keynote was due to begin. Earlier in the week, Pam had suggested to me to check out the Main Avenue Bridge, as the other side is Moorhead, Minnesota. I figured it was only about a 20-minute walk from the theatre so I had time for a quick jaunt to Minnesota by foot! I wasn’t there long enough to do it justice, the bridge has all sorts of information on it about its history, of which I read a bit but that’s all.

Red River history

Fargo population sign

The keynote itself was great, but then I love those things most of the time. The speaker was the same as last year, Mark J. Lindquist, and it was a great, entertaining presentation. The theme was Passion. He did the same thing as last year for one part with the jazz hands bit. Other than that, it was new material from what I recall from last year. As I wrote last year, he is a very engaging personality and it’s easy to stay entertained throughout the presentation.

The theme itself, Passion, was, in a nutshell:

  • Try new things to figure out what you like and don’t like
  • Ask yourself if you are passionate about it or not
  • Don’t stop until you find what your passion is
  • If you can make money with your passion, do it

Pub Crawl

Thank you to the five sponsors who hosted partners at various locations in downtown Fargo:

I visited 3 of the 5 but to be quite honest, I’m not really a pub crawl type of person, so I didn’t last very long and took the shuttle back to the hotel, hung out at the hotel bar for a bit. There were a couple of other sales guys chatting at the other end of the bar so I just brought my iPad with me, sipped on a beer and quietly caught up on some reading/twitter/blogs etc.  Soon enough one guy leaves and the other sales guy starts up a conversation. Suffice it to say, some people just can’t turn work off… and I wasn’t in the mood for a sale pitch, even though he was pitching his company to me if I ever needed to pick up some more consulting work. After a long day, I need a mental break!  I was saved by the fact another Canadian came around about that exact time and we caught up over our beer before I called it a night.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for day 2! On to catching up with Day 3 next!

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