Fixed Assets GL Posting Flow Part 3

Today’s #TipTuesday is a continuation of my Fixed Assets series around G/L posting flow. This post will be the start of what happens during Retirement transactions in Dynamics GP. There are a lot of options around retirements, although in the end most selections don’t impact the results much as you will see. I will be breaking this into different posts to keep the length manageable. Today: retirements in the first year of ownership (acquisition year).

The previous posts so far are:

  1. Additions with & without YTD/LTD amortization
  2. Depreciation/Amortization
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Fixed Assets GL Posting Flow Part 2

Back in September, I started a series and honestly figured I would not have taken this long to get to “part 2”! What I’m going to do is make this part of my #TipTuesday series and try to get through it a little bit faster!

Today’s post is what happens during the Depreciation routine in Fixed Assets, from a GL posting flow perspective. The previous post in this series was GL posting flow around additions, in 3 specific areas:

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Back-dating Fixed Asset Retirements

Today’s #TipTuesday is about a message you may receive if you back-date a Fixed Asset retirement in Dynamics GP. I completed a project recently where the client was catching up on some IFRS asset derecognition that, in some cases, had occurred in prior years by the time we got around to doing the retirement in Dynamics GP. While this isn’t an everyday occurrence, if you have to do this yourself, you may get an odd message!

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Canadian Payroll 2019 YE Update Round 2

Microsoft released a “Round 2” update for Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP. What is a round 2 update? It’s a change that wasn’t in the first update in December! Typically we don’t see this in Canadian Payroll but the CRA made a relatively last minute change to the federal basic personal amount (BPA for short) that necessitated an update. As it turns out, the update does not address that change from the CRA but it does fix 3 other bugs.

Here’s what you need to know and do if you are a Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll user.

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Year End Tax Updates – plan ahead!

In lieu of a #TipTuesday post, today’s post is a heads up for planning for this year end’s tax updates. With the changes to the product names earlier this year – i.e. dropping the “year” number from the name – there are some ripple effects that some customers are only starting to realize will happen this year end. Ideally your VAR/partner has been already communicating some of this to you but if not, this may help you.

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SmartList Export Options

Today’s #TipTuesday post is the last in my mini-series of SmartList tips for Dynamics GP. I’m going to walk through a very simplistic example of an export from an Account Transactions smartlist, to Excel, where a macro will do some basic formatting and create a formula for Net Amount.

The method I show below is just one way to do this, and it’s a mini end-to-end example that you can follow if this is your first time using this feature. The intent of SmartList Export Options is to automate repetitive tasks. If you export SmartLists a lot and continually do the same things to the exported file, then read this post to see how you might be able to automate part of your work with that particular export. While the example is simplistic, the options are fairly limitless with what you could do with VBA in Excel!

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