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Today’s #TipTuesday is an oldie but a goodie: Advanced Lookups. These have been around as long as I can remember, but they are one of those hidden things in Dynamics GP that many users don’t realize exists.

What are they?

For selected Lookup windows in Dynamics GP, Advanced Lookups will add extra sorting and lookup options, up to 4 additional fields for a user to access quickly without needing to go into Custom Sort.

Example: Accounts Lookup

Here is the out of the box Accounts Lookup window (GL Accounts). Under Additional Sorts, there are 4 options: by Alias, Type, Category Number and Main Segment. The bottom option, by Custom Sort, opens an additional window where a user can select any other available related field to sort by, but it’s one-time-only, for that lookup.

Setting up Advanced Lookups

The setup is located under the Administration navigation pane > Setup pane > Company > Advanced Lookups. Yes, this is company specific, which can be good or bad depending on whether you really want every company to have the same lookups!

The setup itself is simple: select which Lookup window you want to alter, and select up to 4 fields. The Description is editable, but will default to “by” and the name of the field chosen. As an example here, I changed “Active” to “Active/Inactive” as an example.

User Defined fields are a good place where you may want to put a more meaningful name in. Even in places where User Defined fields have been renamed in a Setup window (like Customer user defined in Receivables Setup), the Advanced Lookup window will still show the field name as “User Defined 1”.

Next time you open a lookup window after saving this, the changes will be visible.

Where can this be used?

The windows where this can be used are the following list of Lookups:

  • (GL) Accounts
  • (Customer) Addresses
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Items
  • Open Documents
  • Open Payables Documents
  • Prospects
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Document Numbers
  • Sales Documents
  • Vendor Addresses
  • Vendors
  • Vouchers

Each company can have 1 advanced lookup setup per Lookup window above.

What I like about this is in situations where users are often looking things up by fields other than the default sort options, it’s a super easy tweak to make the field that much more reachable and useful.

1 thought on “Advanced Lookups

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    Barb M - September 26, 2019

    Hi again!
    We are testing this feature and experiencing some gains as well as some pains.
    The flexibility to filter the selection list is great! Before rolling out to all users I want to be sure we deal with the pains first.

    In Item lookup, if we want to see quantity available, we lose the ability to see Item Description.
    I also tried creating a new Smartlist Favorite Eg. Inventory > Items > select the * and make some changes > Favorites > Add with new name “Items by Site”. I am unable to see it in the list of Favorites… not even after logging out and back in again. Is there something else needed? I can see all the old existing favorites, but not new ones.

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