Miscellaneous Check doesn't support multicurrency

Today’s #TipTuesday is more of a “PSA” (public service announcement) than a usable tip. A question on the Dynamics Community forums reminded me that it’s not obvious that this particular window only supports your Functional currency.

What is it?

The Miscellaneous Check window was added to Dynamics GP a few versions ago. It was intended to provide a way to be able to generate a cheque outside of Accounts Payable if needed for random or one-off purposes. The window is very “Quickbooks” like, set up visually like an actual cheque and a cheque can be recorded and printed from here without needing to create a vendor first etc.

The “Issue”

The limitation is this window does not support multicurrency. It’s not something most people would even think about until they tried it. If a chequebook is selected that has a currency other than the Functional currency, this error will appear.

It is a bit strange to have functionality within GP that doesn’t support multicurrency (at the moment, no others come to mind but there may be more where it’s not supported that I’ve forgotten about). If your organization needs to print a multicurrency cheque, the workaround is to go through Accounts Payable instead.

This is a great example where submitting an idea (if one doesn’t exist already) to add multicurrency support to this window could be logged. I would guess this doesn’t affect many customers, so any suggestion for this type of thing might need to include a fairly compelling business/use case on why this is important to your organization.

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