GP Tech 2017 – Recap & Getting Home

So, now that I’ve caught up with the daily recaps, I’m starting this post from the Minneapolis airport. I should be landing in Toronto right now, according to my original itinerary but I’m still sitting here. Apparently there is some awful weather in Toronto affecting all flights both in and out so we aren’t leaving, since we can’t land.

The bonus though, was Delta has been excellent this time around. They even brought in a beverage cart into the waiting gate area to give the passengers free drinks and snacks while they waited. I’ve been publicly ranting about my flight delay issues and this time I’m happy to give a shout out on a positive side.

The flight from Fargo to MSP was uneventful. I event ended up sitting next to this guy on the plane (picture taken by Mariano).

As I write this, we are just starting to board my flight for Toronto finally! So, with that I will quickly wrap up with my other posts in the series and say goodnight for now…

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