Transaction vs. Batch Posting

I was working with a new Dynamics GP user recently, and one of the issues that they asked me about was an error they received when they tried to post a cash receipt transaction.

The error was:

“You cannot post. The transaction is assigned to a batch.”

Cannot post, assigned to batch

Many of you have seen this before and know immediately what the issue is: the user was clicking on the Post button in a transaction window; however, the transaction had a batch ID assigned to it, therefore you cannot post it from the transaction window.

Every time you train a new person to use a module or product, it’s interesting what questions they ask. How often you are asked something that never occurred to you before, because you already know how it works and don’t even think twice about it. Today was, in a nutshell, “then, what is the Post button in the window there for?”. I had an “aha” moment today, in explaining the reason behind the error message and how to remember where to post the batch next time. As a consultant, training is part of our role and I’m always looking for better ways to explain things so people can understand better the concept I’m teaching.

Why is there a post button if you can’t use it?

Great question, and thinking about it gives me ideas for a series on posting options. The gist of this conversation was around batches, why we need them, etc. The short story is, Dynamics GP has both batch and transaction posting options and the post button is there for companies that choose to allow posting by transaction. If you use batches, ignore the post button on the transaction windows!

My analogy is simply this: a batch is like a file folder of invoices (or payments or whatever you’re working on). You’re entering invoices or payments one at a time but you don’t get up from your chair and go put the invoice in the filing cabinet when you’re done, and then go back to your desk, and enter the next one. You enter a bunch, then file them in a cabinet or file folder as a group. A batch is similar in that you are saving invoices or payments as a group, and then processing them as a group, to be more efficient.

Some argue that batches take more time because you have to create the batch, then post the batch after you’re done. I’d say the chance to review prior to posting saves more time in the long run (catching mistakes) than the extra seconds dealing with batches take up!

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5 thoughts on “Transaction vs. Batch Posting

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    Sheila Jefferson-Ross - July 15, 2016

    I totally agree with you Jenn. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Debbie Sparks - March 7, 2017

    I’m new to GP but, 30 years of Accounting, I’ve never used a software, that didn’t allow you to edit your work before you post it. (“You have to pass the bill before you can read it.”. Sound familiar?) Why on earth would the edit function not be available regardless of if you are using Transactions vs Batches?. And why would it be limited to AR and AP? What about the other modules like GL or Bank Transactions, where human error can wreak havoc as well?

    Is there anything in the works to correct this oversight?

    1. Jen Kuntz - March 7, 2017

      Hi Debbie,

      Great question. You can edit any transaction that has a batch capability if you save to a batch. If you choose (in Setup) to allow posting by transaction and user chooses to post without saving to a batch, then the edit ability is lost. That’s why I always recommend using batches.

      In Bank transactions, there are no batches, I don’t know why, but that means you don’t have an edit option at all, as you cannot “save” it anywhere first.

      In GL, A/R, A/P, SOP, POP, Inventory etc., all have batch options so you can force your users to save to batches instead of posting individual transactions.

      My recommended procedure is to use batches, print the edit list and review it prior to posting in case edits are needed. There is indeed too much chance of human error to not have a proper review process!

      Hope that makes sense. Other than the Bank Rec module, you can edit any trx before posting if it is saved to a batch first.

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    Murphy - January 12, 2018

    I am getting this error message on a bank transaction entry. When I go to reconcile the bank the transaction is there to mark as cleared. However on the GL side the transaction is not there so when I run a trial balance, the transaction isn’t there. If I look under batches, I can see the entry there but it will give me this error message. How do I fix this?

    1. Jen Kuntz - January 12, 2018

      Hi Murphy, my comments don’t allow attachments so I don’t know what error message you’re referring to exactly. What I recommend is post your question with a screenshot or text of the error message on a forum like Open Forum (free to join, don’t need to be a GPUG member) or, which is Microsoft’s community site. People like me help users with their questions on both of those sites so you should get quick responses!

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