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You read that correctly!  Microsoft has decided to change the way they work with some of their utilities and tools.  Previously there were charges to get access to tools or utilities like Customer Modifier and Customer Combiner (and Vendor, Account, Item etc.).  On the partner side, we had to purchase those outside of the normal ordering processes (they weren’t “modules” like ordering something like Integration Manager was).  They want to streamline that to eliminate some of their Direct Billing policies and that means Dynamics GP customers win!

What’s Free?


Well here is a list of what I know of, and it’s effective March 1, 2012.  Keep in mind this has only recently been announced so don’t be surprised if your partner doesn’t know all of the details about it yet - the information is just trickling out now and not everything on Partnersource is yet updated for us.

Professional Services Tools Library

All of it, some of the tools were already free, now all of the tools will be free.  There are so many tools in this library, it’s impossible to explain them all here!  Here is a quick list of the ones that in my opinion are AWESOME to have available for free.  More information on all of the tools and what they do is here (this is the general GP 2010 installation guide download page - look in the list for ProfServicesToolsLibrary.pdf).

  • System tools: Database disabler for maintenance, Shortcut copy, Update user date
  • Financial tools: Account modifier/combiner, Chequebook modifier, Fiscal Period modifier, GL master record triggers, Fixed Asset modifier
  • Sales tools: Customer & Territory modifier/combiner, Salesperson modifier, RM transaction unapply from history, RM master record triggers
  • Purchasing tools: Vendor modifier/combiner, Select Cheques combiner, PM master record triggers
  • Inventory tools: Item Number and Site modifier/combiner
  • Payroll tools: Employee modifier (US payroll and Cdn Payroll)
  • Misc tools: Doc date verify (not more bad dates outside of fiscal years!), Default “add item” in SOP/POP, Company copy (copy setup to another company)


Utility allows you to launch Great Plains and run one or more integrations or integration groups and have Great Plains exit upon completion of the integrations. This product also supports integrating into several different companies.


A COM dll that can be called from IM or an outside application to post some types of Dynamics Batches.  Currently the application supports posting of SOP, GL Trx Entry, IV Trx Entry and RM Cash Receipts batches. NOTE: Because this application uses the Continuum API, the Great Plains client must be running and a user logged into a company for this application to work.  The posting process would then use that user & company to post the desired batch.


A utility to help identify cross-linked notes (two records assigned the same Note Index).

Payroll Detailed Activity Tracking

The Payroll Detailed Activity Tracker will track changes made to employee records (US Payroll only).  This tool is available for SQL users.  This was essentially a tool that was available prior to introducing the Audit Trails product.  It creates triggers to track changes to payroll records in various US Payroll tables.

PO Returns

When invoicing a receipt in POP, this customization will check the previous quantity invoiced and the quantity returned for the line item. The maximum quantity allowed to be invoiced is based the following formula: Quantity Shipped minus (Previous Quantity Invoiced plus Quantity Returned). This customization will not allow invoicing of more than this amount.

POP Over Receipt Tolerance

Utility that allows a receipt tolerance percentage for quantities.  A setup window allows the user to enter a tolerance percentage, that percentage is then used when a Purchase Order is received.  The highest quantity that can be received is the original quantity ordered plus the percentage amount.  For example, a Purchase Order is entered for a quantity of 10.  A tolerance percentage of 20% is entered.  The highest quantity allowed to be received would be 12.

RM Auto Apply Utility

This application will allow the user to Mass Apply posted RM Credit Documents to posted RM Debit Documents.  The user can select a range of Customer, Debit Document Dates, Credit Document Dates, and a Credit Document Type restriction if desired.  The credit documents will apply to the debit documents in the order specified in Receivables Management Setup window which is the same order that Dynamics Apply Sales Documents Auto Apply button uses.

Shipment Notification

Will allow drop ship sales orders to be transferred to invoice prior to invoicing the purchase order.

SOP Default Site per Line

This customization changes the site that is defaulted on line items.  Instead of pulling the site from the Default Site on the SOP Entry window, if there is a default site assigned to the item in Cards>Inventory>Qtys/Sites, then that site will default for that line item  If there is no default site id for the item, then the customization will default the first site that is assigned to the item.

SOP Sort Line Items

This utility allows the user to define custom sorting options to display line items in Sales Order Processing.  For example, a sort could be defined by Item Number and then the currently selected SOP Document would display the line items in Item Number order instead of the standard by order entered.  This utility does not physically reorder the records in the underlying tables; it only displays them differently in the Sales Order Processing window.  This application also does not affect the way that sales documents print. (SQL database only)

SOP to POP Line Reordering Utility

This utility will reorder the line items of Purchase Orders generated by the SOP to POP transfer process to be in the same order as they originally were on the Sales Order document(s).  The preview report will still show an alphabetical list, but on the actual Purchase Order document the line items will maintain their correct sequence. This is critical for companies who rely on matching up PO printouts to Packing Lists or Picking Tickets in SOP.

SOP Tax Schedule Roll down

This appears to be an old utility relating to a change in functionality from verison 6.0 to 7.0.  This KB article explains some of it, I’m unsure at this point if there is more to this utility!

How do I get these tools?

If you are an existing Dynamics GP customer, ask your partner.  They are available via partners only at the moment, that may change.  Partners, the PSTL keys will need to be on a request basis until Partnersource is updated with a master key for free use for anyone.

In the next release of GP, Dynamics GP 2013, the PSTL will be on the CD as well.

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