On my way to Fargo!

I’m sitting in Toronto’s Pearson airport, waiting for my flight to Chicago, and then on to Fargo for the GP Technical Conference.

My trip is not as long as David Musgrave’s but it does require customs and all of the fun that entails.  THANK GOODNESS for the Nexus program!  I was through security and customs in less than 10 minutes thanks to the retina scanner Nexus system.  There’s nothing like lining up like cattle going for feeding time, wandering through a long line for customs clearance, only to do the same a few minutes (or hours) later for security checkpoints!

My day did, however, start with a trip to the walk-in clinic. *Sigh*  I had the flu about 4 weeks ago, and with it I developed a cough.  The flu left quickly, thankfully, but the cough has remained with me ever since.  Last week I started to get an itchy sore throat that also won’t go away.  Then to top it all off, this weekend while demolishing our kitchen (preparing for renos), I managed to get a lot of demo junk (insulation, sawdust, other things) in my eyes and for two days my eyes have been completely irritated and bloodshot.  Long story short, I’m looking a little rough!  So this morning I’d had it, and went to the clinic to see about all three, get some antibiotics to clear it all up and be on my merry way to the airport.

So, here I am, with a little penicillin, eye drops and trying not to make eye contact with very many people to scare them off!  LOL…

Back to the task at hand: I’m on my way to Fargo for the Tech Conference.  I’ve never been before, and this year I decided it was time to attend!  I’m excited and can’t wait to get there and enjoy the festivities.  Of course I have been looking forward to getting a chance to meet others like David that I haven’t met yet, and now I just hope my eyes clear up before I scare someone!  :)

More details to come on the R2 release that is part of the content this week…

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