Let the User Date be your friend!

How many times have you posted something in Dynamics GP on the wrong date because you forgot to change it?  Let the User Date be your best friend!

What is it?

The User Date is the default date for any transaction window in Dynamics GP.  It will default to the system date when you log into Dynamics GP (i.e. “today”).


Some reasons to use it

Around month-end or year-end or other times when you are frequently posting to a previous period, do yourself a favour and change the User Date to a date within that period.  All transactions will at least default to the correct period that you are working in.

Things to keep in mind

The User Date defaults back to the system date if you close Dynamics GP and relaunch it.

How to Use It

The User Date may be at the bottom left hand corner of your main Dynamics GP window (GP 10 or later) or in the top toolbar (GP 9 or previous).  Click on that date field to open the User Date window.  You can also find a menu option User Date under the Dynamics GP menu (or File menu on older versions).

  • Open the User Date window
  • Set the date at whatever default date is appropriate for you
  • Click OK to save
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