Where'd my navigation pane go?

Today’s #TipTuesday is a quick one!

Last week, a client brought me over to her desk to ask me how to get her Navigation Pane back. It had gone missing for some reason, despite the option “checkmark” still showing as having the pane enabled.

The issue

Here is what her home screen looked like - not a single grab bar or indicator to make the navigation pane visible. It simply had vanished.

The solution

The fix was easy - simply toggle the option off and back on again to get the pane back. Here is what I mean by that:

In the top right hand corner of Dynamics GP, in between the Refresh arrows and the Help icon, click on the options button. The top option is Navigation Pane. In her case, it showed a checkmark, so clicking on it removed the checkmark, disabling the Navigation Pane. Repeating the step to enable it brought the Navigation Pane back up to the point she could then resize it to her needs.

Why did it disappear?

Unfortunately this will remain a mystery. I’ve seen it happen a few times and have never caught the set of events that led to it happening. It’s pretty rare but it’s not something users know how to enable or disable without closing and re-launching Dynamics GP entirely.

That’s it for today, I hope it helps someone out there!

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