Back to consulting!

There’s an expression “you can take the girl out of consulting but you can’t take the consulting out of the girl”. OK, so that’s not really how that goes, but it fits the situation!

As of June 1st (2019), I’m resuming my consulting business – Kuntz Consulting Inc. – and am back to being a Microsoft partner and independent consultant. This is so new that I haven’t even had a chance to update my website; so, depending on how quickly you read this post and click on that link, you may see the old message “no longer taking on clients”! Rest assured, I’m working on the updates as you read this.

Didn’t you *just* get a job?

Yes, it wasn’t that long ago that I decided to go back to full-time employment (January 2018). As much as I love who I work for and with, I simply was not ready to fit into the structure and routine of regular full-time employment. I gave it the old college try, so to speak, but I really missed the flexibility and variety of my consulting work. So, it was with some very mixed emotions that I decided to resign from that position and return to consulting.

What’s next?

Well, that’s hard to say as it’s still all pretty fresh right now. I am fortunate to keep a good relationship with my now-former employer and I will be continuing to work with them in a consulting role, albeit part-time. I very much look forward to continuing some of the fun projects we’ve got underway and planned for the future! That alone will keep me pretty busy for a while.

I’m heading to Microsoft Business Applications Summit next week in Atlanta, Georgia and it will be my first time at this event. I can’t wait to dig into more Power BI and Power Apps/Flow stuff while I’m there, and broaden my knowledge!

My summer is going to fly by between next week’s conference, a busy June schedule, and a big vacation in July. I’m pretty sure it’ll be August by the time I blink next. I doubt I’ll be making any big plans between now and end of July but will be considering if either GP Tech Conference or GPUG Summit fit into my budget and schedule. I haven’t committed to either yet and would like to do one of them if I can swing it.

Otherwise, I’ll be reaching out to former clients to see who still might have projects they would like me to help with and building out my schedule for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

3 thoughts on “Back to consulting!

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    Jeff Pfershy - June 5, 2019

    As someone who has floated back and forth between consulting (never for myself though) and working at a client, I understand the emotions you must have gone through to reach this point, while also realizing that you have many other things going on in your life that also played a part in the decision.

    Best of luck for your continued success in your new (old) venture Jen!

    1. Jen Kuntz - June 5, 2019

      Thank you Jeff!

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    Beat Bucher - June 5, 2019

    My personal experience with corporate environment has ranged from state jobs, to large private banking institution and some tech (and non-tech) SMB’s, which gave me truly the experience of all kinds of job levels & structures. However, even if I briefly dived into the self-employed world around over 15 years ago, I think my last decision to start my own consulting business last year has brought me so much satisfaction that I’ll never look back to go on FTE jobs. When you announced last year that you closed your consulting business, I thought myself “She is going to come back sooner than later :-)”.. Being your own boss bears some risks, but provides also so much rewards, which you rarely find in corporate environments, where there is always some boss above you to grab the merit you deserve.. I’ve rarely witnessed the opposite.
    Good luck and looking forward to see you at either of the Summit events this year.

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