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Today’s #TipTuesday post is a simple one, and it’s about user notifications. In GP 2013 R2, the “Send Users Message” feature was introduced as an easy way to send a notification to users who are logged in or to add a task to users’ reminder list in Dynamics GP.

How to use it

This feature is under the Administration page > Utilities > System > Send Users Message.

The default view option is “All Users”, as shown in this screenshot. Simply mark the users you want to send a message to, select one or both of the options beside “Send messages as…”, type a message and click Send.

In this example, I am sending a Notification Message, which is a pop-up message for all logged-in users. Only users who are logged in when you click on Send will receive this type of notification. Depending on the scenario, for instance some maintenance you are about to do, this may be exactly what you want to do, as users not logged in don’t need the notification.

Here’s an example of the message the user receives:

Advanced options

There are some more options on the blue bar at the top of the user list. Click on that drop down list icon and you will see these options:

This set of options allows you to fine-tune the choice of users a bit more. There are many good options here such as only sending a note to currently-logged-in user of a specific company, if you were doing something that impacted only one GP company; and an option to just all users logged in, regardless of company. In reality, if using the Notification Message option, “All Users” and “Users currently logged on” will have the same result. If you are using the Task with Reminder option though, the distinction of which you want will be important.

Overall, it’s a small utility but useful when all you want is to easily notify your users to log of GP for a specific reason, vs. other alternatives that are outside of GP.

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