What does Web Client User Only do?

Today’s #TipTuesday post is another Web Client/User Setup post. This one is a bit simpler than my last few, and it’s really just explaining what the Web Client User Only tickbox is for and what happens if you mark that on a user that already has a SQL login.

If your organization is upgrading and adding Web Client after using Dynamics GP without it for a while, there are SQL logins for every GP user you have. Once you have upraded to a version of Dynamics GP that has a web client, you may have also noticed the Web Client User Only tickbox on the User Setup window.

What does this do?

Two things of note to remember with this one.

Part 1 is to only mark this if you have users who (a) use web client and (b) never use the full client. It means what it says. If you are setting up a new user and this box is ticked, GP will NOT create a SQL login, which means that user cannot log in with the full client at all. The user also would then require a Directory account mapping to their network login.

Part 2 is what happens in the scenario above, where you were using Dynamics GP prior to using the Web Client? Well, if you select an existing user that has a SQL login and you mark this box, you will then be prompted with a warning: “Saving the user with the Web Client User Only option marked removes the SQL Server login account from SQL Server”.

Clicking OK is not what removes the SQL user, so if you’re messing around to see what happens, take a deep breath! Ticking the box, clicking OK to the warning and then saving the changes to that user setup is what will remove the SQL login. And, yes, it actually deletes the SQL login immediately on save.

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