Upgrade your company names!

Today’s #TipTuesday post is a play on words, an upgrade tip. If you are upgrading Dynamics GP, during your test upgrade phase, consider renaming (slightly) your company names in your test environment.


Every single report you print from Dynamics GP will (by default, at least) have the company name print on it. The vast majority of reports will look identical to your pre-upgrade environment, most times at least. That means you can’t tell the reports apart after you print them out.

So… my tip is to rename my companies. This saves me handwriting on every single report printout which environment I printed this from! Easy peasy!

This screenshot is an example from my current company’s upgrade. We are upgrading on 2 new servers which will be a new production server and a new test server. So, on the ‘future’ production server, all of my companies are renamed with an abbreviated name + “Upgrade P” for production and “Upgrade D” for dev environment.

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