Assigning an item to multiple sites

Today’s #TipTuesday is a feature that was introduced in GP 2013 R2 and it’s an alternate way to assign multiple sites to an item quickly as well as some other Item-Site attributes.

Why this is cool

When you add a new item to Dynamics GP, you need to assign it to one or more sites. Prior to this feature, there were a couple of ways to assign sites but neither of them particularly quick or painless. Apart from integration options, here’s how you typically would assign sites to a newly created item:

  1. Go to Item Quantities Maintenance and manually add one site at a time and fill out the other attributes that are important to your business (Primary Vendor, Landed Cost Group etc.)
  2. Go to Site Maintenance and one at a time, go to Assign and select your item(s) for this site.

Where to find it

Go to Item Quantities Maintenance, click on the Go To, then Site Item Assignments.

In the Site Item Assignments window, you can select multiple sites from your list of sites. In addition to this, you can mass-inactivate sites for this item, or assign the Primary Vendor, the Landed Cost Group ID or Item Print Option.

Overall, for one-off item additions, if your organization has multiple sites, this feature could be a time-saver for you!

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