Mgmt. Reporter & Reporting Ledgers

This will be short and sweet. Management Reporter only supports Dynamics GP Reporting Ledgers feature if you are using the Data Mart connector.

I was working with a client on some new reports and was just about to recommend using the Reporting Ledgers in GP to record some IFRS adjusting entries. Good thing I did some testing first!

Here’s a screen shot of Management Reporter 2012 (CU14 I believe) showing the Attribute Filter options. My client uses Legacy not Data Mart and notice, there is no option to select a Reporting Ledger.

column attribute filter

So, if you had heard you can run reports in Management Reporter against a specific Reporting Ledger, it’s semi-true, but you must be using the Data Mart to do it! I posted this question on the Microsoft Partner Technical forum to validate the answer and here is the response, to confirm it:

MR reporting ledgers

Hope this helps someone out there. I found that there is *very* little documentation out there about this fact.

(originally posted on, and migrated to this site in October 2017)

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