Azure - when you forget to turn your vm off!

An update on my Azure experiences… apparently I forgot to turn off my Azure VM one day last month. I say apparently because I don’t recall using Azure to turn it on, but perhaps I did, anticipating doing something, then forgot. It happens. In case you were curious, here is exactly what happens when you forget!

First, you get an email

The text says “the following subscription has reached its monthly free Microsoft Azure limit and has been disabled”.

Sep 2015 - Azure disabled 1

Here’s what you see on Azure

It actually shows you have *no* subscriptions when you run out of credit. I happen to run out at the end of the cycle so I had 3 days (originally) left (1 day when I took the screen shot). The part that threw me off was it said you have no subscriptions. I would have expected it to say your subscription is out of credits. Initially I thought it expired literally, as in I had to go renew my MAPS subscription or MPN membership. No, I just had to wait. Alternatively I could have added a paid subscription to use when I ran out of credits.

Sep 2015 - Azure disabled 2

Email stating you’re back in business

When everything is back enabled, you get another email. Yay!

Sep 2015 - Azure disabled 3

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