Spammers, go away!

Yes, that means you, if you send me emails (or phone me) on any of the following topics (plus many others I’ve forgotten about already):

  • you think my website needs redesigned (it might, but I happen to like it!).
  • you promise to improve my search engine rankings and all those SEO things (swell!).
  • you guarantee me a lot of Facebook likes and Twitter followers (who cares?).
  • you are offering me mobile application development services
  • you work for any competing product to Microsoft Dynamics GP and added me to your “partner” list because you think I’d love to hear about your marketing pitches too

It’s been a while since I’ve ranted. :) My website is a blog. I blog about things I know or learn and things that happen to my clients. I’ve turned down offers from others to write content for me. No thanks, I write my own, as infrequent as that is. I’m thrilled people happen to think I’m worthy of following or reading but I don’t get all bent out of shape on analyzing stats and visitor metrics and things like that. I’ve leave that for the smart people that spam me with “amazing” offers on a nearly daily basis.

This week I got a phone call from someone overseas. “Remember me? We talked before the holidays.” In my head: No sir, we have not talked in the past. The reason that I know that is you would have received the same response from me then if we had. He continues with his pitch to partner with their technology company. No thanks, I reply. “Well, we can offer you a trial….”, no thanks, I reply again a little more firmly, hoping he gets the point, silently wishing I’d let the call go to voice-mail. I tell him that I work with local partners that I can meet with face to face and that can visit my clients in person. “We have a local presence in Wilmington, Delaware.” Seriously buddy? Do you realize I’m in Canada and Delaware is in the US? That’s local to you? *Smacking my head* I stated for the last time that I’m not interested in his services and hung up. I gave him his due, I wasn’t rude, but man, those kind of calls drive me insane.

While I’m at it, who is selling Microsoft partner lists to competitors? Seems like someone is. Boy am I tired of getting emails from competitive products to Dynamic GP as if I’m already one of their partners. GTFO of my inbox thank you very much.

Any no offence to Microsoft Convergence organizers, but every year I get spammed from ISV’s I’ve never heard of inviting me to meet them at Convergence. I opt out of almost every type of optional communication when I sign up for anything, including my Microsoft partner program contact settings, yet I’m still spammed by Partners & ISV’s, often not having anything to do with Dynamics GP! Seriously, get lost. Please honour my request for spam privacy and don’t give my email out! I don’t generally attend Convergence yet I get the spam that’s supposedly sent to “attendees”… incredibly annoying.

What’s the point of the rant? I’m not sure, other than please stop spamming me! It may come as news to you business development or marketing gurus, but if you spam me, even if you have a great product, I will *never* buy your product or service. Same with telemarketing: you could have the best product or service in the world but I won’t buy it simply because you cold-called me. It irritates me that much!

OK I’m off my soapbox now…

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