New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I’m a little late with this post this year. It is that time of year where we review the year just passed and make resolutions for the New Year.

What Happened In 2013?

Well, a lot happened in 2013 but most of it for me was not business related, so I’ll spare the details here!  I alluded to changes in last year’s resolution post. I moved to a new city, after selling a house in my old one, but it took til August to complete that process, leaving a big chunk of my year in limbo.

When I reviewed the blog from last year on the 2013 resolutions, I didn’t accomplish as many things as I had hoped, since the year was consumed with other activities which put some of my business things on the back burner.

The one thing I managed to hit out of the park was reading more, mostly reading for pleasure instead of for business but, hey, it’s a goal achieved, right?

I can’t believe I never made it to any of the gazillion Dexterity courses held last year… I really wanted to get to one, but the dates never aligned for me.

What’s funny looking back is I called it the “low-hanging fruit” list of resolutions!  Hmmm… not so low!

What’s the plan for 2014?

If that list last year was low-hanging fruit, this is the fruit that is sitting on the ground that fell off the tree by itself!

  • Blog more. My annual “go to” resolution it seems. I want last year to be an anomaly…
  • Dig further into Dynamics GP 2013. I feel like I’m a year behind there, I’m sure I’m not really, but it just feels like I have catching up to do.
  • Update my website. This is an easy one, it’s 95% ready to be made live, so at least I know I will have achieved one goal by year’s end!

Here’s hoping everyone has a happy new year and a fantastic 2014!

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