Report Writer Series: The End!

Well, it’s been fun but it’s time to focus on more interesting areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This is the last official article in the Report Writer series of posts I’ve written, although I’m sure there may be the odd article pop up that has some Report Writer content.


Here is a brief summary of what I’ve covered and where to find it:

1. Background information on report dictionaries, launch files and other boring stuff! : )

2. Access to report writer, security, and a bit about types of reports that you can create

3. Formatting and working with text fields

4. Changing a report from text to graphical – Part 1 and Part 2

5. Playing in the (sand) Toolbox

6. Drawing Options window

7. Understanding Sections on reports

8. Custom Reports in report writer

9. Catch-all with tips on Keys, Restrictions, Sorting & Grids


If you are looking for other information on report writer, the community of bloggers is a great place to start.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, I haven’t exhausted the topics here, nor do I know everything there is to know about Report Writer!  Here in no particular order are some other resources that I often turn to for help.

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP community

2. Mariano Gomez, MVP aka the Dynamics GP Blogster

3. David Musgrave & the Developing for Dynamics GP team

4. Mark Polino with posts and links to others’ posts about Report Writer

5. Steve Endow and Christina Phillips aka Dynamics GP Land

I’ll stop there but there are tons more out there, a good place to start is following Mark Polino’s blog since he posts links to tons of other great articles out in the community that you may have time or energy to follow individually!

(originally posted on, and migrated to this site in October 2017)

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