Client Updates & Archiving old service packs

What usually is a typical service pack install client visit started off on the wrong foot.  I am installing SP2 for GP2010 plus related hotfixes for a client, and the last time I was here was in January for the year end tax updates.  While I was doing my usual preparation, before I even started the process of installing anything, users started reporting warning messages keeping them out of GP.

The Message

Users started getting a message when logging into any company in Dynamics GP:

“An available update may be required for your computer, but the update process couldn’t verify information. Contact your system administrator for additional information”

At the time all I was doing was downloading the service packs I needed from Partnersource and third party websites.

The Cause

I had moved previous service pack files into an “archives” folder, to keep the downloads clean and easy to identify, a process I have always followed without issue.  What I forgot was in January I had attempted to use the Client Updates feature in GP - and at the time it didn’t work, and we didn’t waste time troubleshooting it.  However, we didn’t remove the entry in the client updates window - which was pointing to the service packs I had just moved to another location.

The Takeaway

If you use the Client Updates feature, and typically manage your download or install folders by archiving old files you don’t need any longer, do this:

  1. Remove the reference in the Client Updates to this file.  (In my case, since I don’t want it used anymore, I deleted it)
  2. Then, archive any files you wish to move to another location.

The same thing would apply if you want to rename your folder structure - the client updates will not find the previous path.

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