Changing Password Managers

Back in October last year, I posted a couple of articles around my recommendations and use of Two-Factor authentication. (Here’s part 1 and part 2 for those articles, if you’re interested in reading them.)

In my part 2 post, I indicated that I was also using a password manager and was using LastPass at the time. I have recently switched to 1Password and after posting a couple of things about that on Twitter, a few friends and followers expressed interest in knowing more about why I switched and how I would compare the two of them.

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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again, and time to look back at 2018 and plan for the new year. This is the 9th year where I’ve been writing these resolution posts and it’s always fun to look back at what I thought the last year would bring.

If I could describe 2018 in one word or phrase, it would be “emotional roller-coaster”. This year had more ups and downs that I’ve had in a long while. My life is fairly simple overall and I don’t tend to vary emotionally much (I don’t think) but 2018 reminded me that no one is immune to things affecting your mental health, no matter how strong a person you are otherwise.

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Best Burgers: Webers on Hwy 11

The last few years, we started top X lists of a few things as we started to note how this or that was one of the “best we’ve ever tasted”. The list has started out with pizza and burgers, two classics where “best” is subjective. It’s fun to enjoy a good burger or pizza and try to determine if it “makes the list”. We don’t go “searching” for the best burger or pizza but when we eat but we inevitably revisit our lists if we stumble across a great one!

I was at Webers on Highway 11 twice in this weekend and it reminded me that I’ve never documented “the list” so I’ll start with my existing favourites and then elaborate more on Webers.

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How to tell Gin from Vodka

TL;DR version: Read the damn product label! 😉

This is completely tongue-in-cheek, certainly not an actual story on how to tell the difference between Gin and Vodka. However, it is a funny & somewhat humiliating story. Funny to me at least!

I celebrated Christmas early with my dad and stepmom last weekend and on my way to visit them, I decided I wanted to start a new tradition. My dad & I both love gin martinis and, in recent years, we’ve tried new gins and shared them with each other on trips to each other’s homes. So, this year I thought I’d start buying a bottle of Gin to try, and each year we’ll sample a new one we haven’t tried yet. There certainly is no shortage of unique varieties out there, with the craft distiller market alive and well.

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WordPress Plugin “Add From Server”

I’m in the middle of getting this site live, and thought I’d write a post on the process of getting my media imported from my old blog to this blog. I didn’t realize, when I started this process, that if I imported my media files directly to the \uploads directory, that none of the media would be visible in the Media Library in WordPress to edit or alter. All of my old blogs *do* work though, because the literal URL to the media that is in the blog is correct. However, I can’t *see* any of them in the media library so browsing to one is impossible as well as the easy re-use of any images if I want to re-use something.

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