Best Burgers: Webers on Hwy 11

The last few years, we started top X lists of a few things as we started to note how this or that was one of the “best we’ve ever tasted”. The list has started out with pizza and burgers, two classics where “best” is subjective. It’s fun to enjoy a good burger or pizza and try to determine if it “makes the list”. We don’t go “searching” for the best burger or pizza but when we eat but we inevitably revisit our lists if we stumble across a great one!

I was at Webers on Highway 11 twice in this weekend and it reminded me that I’ve never documented “the list” so I’ll start with my existing favourites and then elaborate more on Webers.

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How to tell Gin from Vodka

TL;DR version: Read the damn product label! 😉

This is completely tongue-in-cheek, certainly not an actual story on how to tell the difference between Gin and Vodka. However, it is a funny & somewhat humiliating story. Funny to me at least!

I celebrated Christmas early with my dad and stepmom last weekend and on my way to visit them, I decided I wanted to start a new tradition. My dad & I both love gin martinis and, in recent years, we’ve tried new gins and shared them with each other on trips to each other’s homes. So, this year I thought I’d start buying a bottle of Gin to try, and each year we’ll sample a new one we haven’t tried yet. There certainly is no shortage of unique varieties out there, with the craft distiller market alive and well.

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WordPress Plugin “Add From Server”

I’m in the middle of getting this site live, and thought I’d write a post on the process of getting my media imported from my old blog to this blog. I didn’t realize, when I started this process, that if I imported my media files directly to the \uploads directory, that none of the media would be visible in the Media Library in WordPress to edit or alter. All of my old blogs *do* work though, because the literal URL to the media that is in the blog is correct. However, I can’t *see* any of them in the media library so browsing to one is impossible as well as the easy re-use of any images if I want to re-use something.

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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Will you look at that? The calendar says it’s January 1st. Holy Cow. I give up trying to write “time flies” in any new and innovative way, as I say something similar every year in this blog post! But, it did fly by, again, and it was a great year!

It’s kind of funny re-reading previous years’ posts. Last year was all about “maybe I’ll finish my basement reno this year”. It’s still not 100%… lol.
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Tales of shopping for a new car

So, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a new car for a while now. I was (past tense, as I picked up my new car tonight) leasing a Subaru Outback for the past 3 years. The lease was coming up to an end in July, however, I was already 20,000 kms over my lease mileage. Oops. I do love a road trip, apparently too much so to be continuing to lease cars!

I love cars. I’m not an enthusiast in the sense that I keep my cars immaculate and wax them to a shine every weekend… no, I’m not that kind of car lover. I just love new shiny things, and I get bored easily so I tend to flip cars a lot more often than conventional wisdom would say is smart. Oh well. My Subaru was my 10th car, and since I’ve been driving for 31 years, that averages out to a car every 3 years. Yes, that is probably about right, even though I didn’t actually have my own car when I was a new driver.
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